Are You Suffering From Headaches?

Headaches can be debilitating, no matter what your current condition or health status. They range in severity, from a mere annoyance to extreme pain accompanied by nausea and vision sensitivity. They are brought on by varying triggers and can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to days. Are you suffering from headaches? Are they affecting your life and altering your ability to do the things you need to? Here are a few tips to help get to the cause of your headaches.

Consider alternative reasons: Many people mistakenly believe that headaches always stem from around the brain or skull. However, many things can trigger a headache, from poor diet and dehydration to muscle pain and tension elsewhere in the body. In addition to determining what lifestyle factors might be contributing to head pain, also consider checking in with a chiropractor to ensure that your body is functioning properly and there is no strain on the muscles in your neck, back or other areas of the body. The majority of headaches are tension headaches that originate in the back of the neck and skull and radiate forwards to the frontal part of the head. The pain can follow a question mark pattern from the back of your head up around the ear to the forehead. Neck tension and forward head posture are usually the cause of these headaches.

Non-medicinal routes are always an option: It is common to pop a few aspirin to deal with a headache, but for those that would rather not utilize medication, there are other options. For instance, an ice pack on the affected area can help to relieve the strain of the ache until it subsides. Gently massaging the back of the neck can also relieve pain. If the source is tension or strain, then chiropractic and massage are really the best option for relief. Lying down in a dark, cool area with a rolled up towel underneath the neck to maintain alignment without pushing the head forward can sometimes help as well.

Finding the source of the headache is key to ensuring that they don’t continue to be life-altering or acting as a signal for something more serious elsewhere in the body. Listen to your body! Pain is the body’s way of communicating. If a person is always taking pain medication than it is more difficult to notice improvements in health or those warning signs.

Check for underlying conditions or diseases: Often, undiagnosed issues like diabetes or high blood pressure can cause frequent headaches. Get an annual physical to rule out any pre-existing illnesses before moving on to treat the headaches.

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