Medicine Free Migraine Treatment: What You Need to Know!

Migraines can be completely debilitating for people that suffer from them, whether they are daily or more infrequent. Characterized by a headache that causes a throbbing pain, what sets migraines apart from other headaches is the inclusion of other disturbances, such as interference in vision, sensitivity to light and nausea. The symptoms of a migraine present differently in everyone, depending on the intensity and accompanying symptoms. While medication is available for migraines, many people would prefer a medicine-free approach to migraine treatment. Dr Kaitlyn Pellerine suffered from headaches as a teenager and got into chiropractic because of the results and relief chiropractic treatment gave her. All it takes is a thorough assessment as Roach Chiropractic Centre to know if we can help alleviate your pain.

Some of the obvious ways to stave off a migraine are fairly obvious – eating well, getting plenty of exercise and rest and leading as stress-free a lifestyle as possible. However, despite doing all of these things and more in making strides towards optimal health, some people still suffer from migraines anyway. In this case, more stringent intervention may be necessary. Chiropractic care may be one such option.

A study conducted by Dr. Peter Tuchin at Macquarie University in Australia found that 72% of participants in a clinical trial on migraines had a significantly noticeable level of improvement after receiving chiropractic treatment. The trial worked with 123 participants, each suffering from varying degrees of migraine headaches. Researchers divided the group, with some members receiving chiropractic care over a period of six months. The reason that chiropractic worked for some of the patients participating in the trial? The neck is a contributing factor to such headaches, which means that by addressing the neck and the spinal cord, chiropractors may be able to initiate adjustments that alleviate issues with both that could be contributing to migraines.

In fact, according to a report done by researchers with Duke University in 2001, spinal manipulation offered significant improvement in many headaches originating in the neck. Moreover, the relief tended to be longer lasting. This is key because many people that suffer from migraines take steps to address the pain repeatedly, never getting enough relief in between headaches to feel comfortable and be able to relax.

Chiropractic is a medicine-free approach that provides migraine suffers with an option free of side effects and one that can impact all areas of health. Chiropractic care has been shown to have numerous benefits to health, and addressing migraines is just one way in which chiropractic can have a significant impact on the body.

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