Top 3 Action Steps to Increase Your Quality of Life

Quality of life is a commonly used buzzword as people continue to live longer than ever.  They want each year to have as much quality as possible. This results in an increased level of happiness, an ability to enjoy the fruits of hard work and spend as much time as possible with loved ones. While some things – good and bad – may seem beyond your control, there are some action steps that you can take to increase your quality of life:

Action Step 1: Get moving — This is one of the few activities that have no drawbacks and a host of benefits that not only enhance quality of life, but can extend it as well. According to a study done by cardiologists at UT Southwestern Medical Center, patients suffering from hypertension and other heart issues can benefit greatly from exercise to improve their quality of life. However, the benefits of exercise are not solely limited to patients experiencing adverse health effects. A sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental to people of any age and at any stage of health. Getting up to move – be it a gym-based workout, a walk around the block or even a living room dance party – has immeasurable physical benefits that include increased endurance, a feeling of well-being, greater flexibility and range of motion and more. Just remember, it’s always good to get a clean bill of health before starting any exercise program. Specifically, if you’ve had issues in the past with back, neck or general body pain, consider seeing a chiropractor before getting started so that you know what, if any, exercises you might want to avoid. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine Journal found that after following almost 300 patients being treated for neck pain over the course of 12 weeks, those that used a chiropractor and exercised regularly were more likely to be free of any pain compared to those that attempted to manage any pain with medicine. Chiropractic care can help greatly with increased mobility as well. For instance, lack of movement can create degeneration and arthritis, so consider regular adjustments to keep vertebrae moving properly. Visit Roach Chiropractic Centre to learn more about chiropractic and the influence it can have in your life.

Action Step 2: Think positive and take charge – According to licensed psychologist Sherrie Campbell, thinking positive and refraining from having a victim mentality is key to dealing with stress. If something is wrong, tackle it head on with the best possible attitude. This includes everything from your health to your interpersonal relationships. If you want to take that new exercise class but back pain is prohibiting you from even trying, see a chiropractic specialist and have it taken care of. If you have always wanted to plant a garden, do it. Now. Today, if possible. The best way to have a solid quality of life is to be self-reliant and remember that you can take charge of your life and make it what you want it to be.

Action Step 3: Nourish your body and your mind — Everything you put into your body – from knowledge to food – has an effect on your life. Make it your personal mantra to only nourish yourself with things that are good for you. Eat well and opt for foods that not only promote good health, but make you feel good. Skip the fast food and invest in yourself by making nutritious, delicious meals that give your body what it needs to stay moving. Mentally, make time for yourself; read books that promote positivity or reinforce your personal value system. The better care you take of your mind, body and spirit, the better your quality of life.

This is what you need to do now. Click here and sign up for our free report called “The 10 Keys to Increase Energy and Weight Loss.” If you are ready to take action and seek the help of a chiropractor, give us a call and make your new patient appointment. I look forward to seeing you and creating immense value for you. To read up on more health and wellness tips follow our blog here.

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