ADHD: A Natural Approach

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)–two acronyms that are used when discussing disruptive behavior in children. Of course, there’s also controversy as to whether these really are legitimate disorders or simply bad behaviors. Regardless of your position–disorder or not–it’s a good idea to research root cause(s) and treatment options before medicating.

Quick reality check: The use of drugs such as Ritalin in children is exponentially higher now than it was in 1991. Ritalin is a controlled substance, and its effects are similar to amphetamines and cocaine. With nearly 10% of all children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, and many then prescribed Ritalin, concern is rising and parents are looking for safe alternatives.

Symptoms of ADHD—lack of focus, hyperactivity and impulsive actions—can be normal behaviors in young children. They’re not mature enough to understand the consequences of their actions and are easily lured by the next “bright, shiny thing.” If these behaviors are excessive, however, it may be time to look for a root cause. School stress, an unhappy family environment and poor nutrition can all contribute to disruption of the nervous system. This is where seeking chiropractic treatment is beneficial.

The main purpose of chiropractic care is to restore optimal function to the nervous system. ADHD is considered a central nervous system disorder where the nervous system is tense and stressed–it’s like a constant, harsh noise at full volume in the background (think loud, high-pitched machinery or disharmonious music). This can cause crazy and unpredictable behaviors, problems concentrating, over-sensitivity and an emotional rollercoaster for the child.

Gentle, chiropractic adjustments turn down the noise enabling the child to behave properly and function at a more normal level. The end result is that the child feels better and IS better. The noise is quiet or gone. Proper nutrition and dealing with other environmental stresses is important, too; adding chiropractic care to the mix ensures a more comprehensive and complete treatment with greater success for change.

Dr. Roach and his team are skilled in pediatric chiropractic and available to discuss ADD, ADHD or other childhood issues. Treatment is not “one-size-fits-all” and doesn’t have to include intense drug therapy. Consider a natural approach through chiropractic care.

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