Can You Replace Chiropractic with Yoga?

Throughout the years, yoga has become more mainstream as a way to gain or maintain flexibility, develop core strength, and experience calm and focus in an otherwise hectic life. Many professional athletes include yoga in their weekly workout routines. Celebrities regularly credit yoga as helping them stay in shape. Yoga can alleviate stiffness and strengthen muscles, important things as you age. Many doctors recommend a gentle yoga class as a way to keep moving. The benefits of yoga beg the question: Can I practice yoga instead of going to the chiropractor?

Yoga or Chiropractic Treatment?

The answer is not a resounding ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but rather some thoughts as to why both are beneficial.

Yoga and chiropractic adjustments each have unique benefits that complement each other. Yoga is a journey, not to perfect poses, but in improving the ability to do the pose. There’s always the risk of a pose done incorrectly, causing structural problems that chiropractic can correct. Chiropractic, on the other hand, realigns the spine, allowing the nervous system to work as it should. This in turn allows more motion throughout the body resulting in safer yoga practice.

The more familiar and comfortable you become with yoga and chiropractic care, the more you understand about your spine–what works and what doesn’t. That knowledge allows you to enjoy a healthy yoga practice that ultimately helps keep your spine operating as it should.

Listen To Your Body

For those of you more familiar with yoga versus chiropractic, you often hear an instructor say “Listen to your body.” “If it hurts, it’s not a good position for you.” You may also have noticed how the right and left sides don’t feel the same. Sometimes, a pose feels like it’s benefiting a problem area, as in stretching a place that’s tight. However, if it causes pain, you probably understand it’s not a good idea. This pain could indicate an issue better resolved through chiropractic.

A daily yoga practice can help prevent spinal subluxations as well as strengthen your core, and improve flexibility and balance. Yoga helps you become more aware of your body’s abilities and movements. You may find you don’t need adjustments as often but you’ll know immediately when you do. Continue with both and you could have the perfect combination to keep moving throughout your life.

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