Causes of Sciatica Pain: Spondylolisthesis

Dr. Ben Boudreau: So Spondylolisthesis So Spondylolisthesis is a big word. It means slipping less. This means a slip of vertebrae. One vertebra is slipped above the other. And as you can imagine, as the nerves exit the spine and go down the back, they’re being compressed by that slipped vertebrae, and it causes a sinking. And this causes that compression and, eventually, that nerve-like pain that goes down the back of your leg. There are many different types of listhesises, and many kinds of slipping. The most common being degenerative. So with trauma over time.

Dr. Clayton Roach: Yeah, you can have one where a little fracture allows that vertebra to slip. But if you can imagine that hole as the vertebrae slip, that hole is now narrow. Right. So another cause of sciatica.