Ear Infections, Colic, Acid Reflux: How You Can Help Your Baby

Constant crying. Vomiting and gas. Frequent trips to the pediatrician. As a parent, you may feel at the end of your rope when it comes to your child’s colic, acid reflux, colds or chronic ear infections. If the current treatments aren’t helping, maybe it’s time to consider chiropractic care.

Ear Infections are one of the most common reasons why a child receives antibiotics. We now know that the overuse of antibiotics has been harmful to children and weakened the fight against bacteria overall. Many a child was diagnosed with an ear infection when he or she had a cold with a little fluid behind the ear drum.

A chiropractor can help keep the nervous system working properly through spinal manipulations which could strengthen your child’s immune system. This, in turn, may assist in preventing an ear infection from starting.

Colic causes are difficult to identify. Originally it was thought that colic was the result of issues in the digestive system that caused pain. The pain then caused constant crying, the primary symptom of colic. New research suggests that colic may be related to a sensitive temperament that is unable to deal with normal stimulation. As a baby matures, however, the nervous system is better able to cope and colic disappears.

There is no cure for colic and what may work for one baby, doesn’t work for another. For some, correcting nerve interference through chiropractic manipulations may be the solution to decreasing the crying.

Some signs that your baby has acid reflux include resistance to feeding, coughing without a cold, vomiting and irritability during feeding. Birthing is tough on both the mother and baby, potentially causing misalignment in the baby’s spine. Correcting the misalignment can help improve digestion by returning proper function to the nervous system.

If the thought of consulting a chiropractor for these maladies scares and concerns you, learn more. Research these conditions and treatments, both pros and cons. Talk to your chiropractor (if you have one) or to one referred by someone you trust. Talk to your pediatrician about any alternative care options you are considering.

If you’ve made the decision to have your baby treated by a chiropractor, be assured he or she will use a gentle touch when caring for your infant.

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