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Get Relief from Back Pain

Lower, middle, and upper back is common.

However, it is imperative to understand that this recurring problem is not a cause but an effect or symptom of an underlying health condition.

The purpose of an assessment is to learn the true cause of your acute or chronic back pain so we can return your body to a normal functional state. First, we will take a health history and listen in order to better understand your situation. Then, we will perform tests and exams to help determine the underlying reason for your back pain. Once the real issue is uncovered, we will develop a personalized treatment plan just for you based on the specifics of your condition and our findings.

Some common causes of back pain are:

  • Bad posture
  •  Arthritis
  • Mechanical joint dysfunction
  •  Herniated discs
  •  Rib joint dysfunction
  •  Muscular dysfunction
  •  Trauma/Injury
  •  Spinal stenosis
  •  Compression fracture
  •  Scoliosis
  •  Overuse
  •  Inflammatory diet
  •  Lack of exercise

Treating lower, middle, and upper back pain

Constant everyday use of the same muscles and joints of the spine in the same ranges of motions, causes adaptations and changes to the structure of the spine away from normal. This creates compensations, muscle tension and inflammation. Anti-inflammatory pain medicines (or over-the-counter pain medicines) can help relieve the pain, but they fix nothing. The absence of pain does not mean the cause of the issue has been addressed. When you don’t treat the underlying condition, the pain will become more frequent, stay longer and become chronic, increasing your chances of a permanent injury.

One of the best ways to address lower, middle or upper back pain is with proper chiropractic care. The treatment involves adjusting the vertebrae, moving them ever so slightly to bring back proper structure and movement based on the results of a thorough examination and your needs to relieve pain. You will notice that the adjustment alleviates the pain as it reduces joint restrictions and misalignments in the spine, calming the muscles and reducing inflammation. Due to these specific adjustments, the function of the affected joints and nervous system improves. Aside from decreasing inflammation, pain and discomfort, chiropractic care also improves your range of motion, flexibility, nerve health, helping with numbness and/or tingling, muscle function and strength and quality of life.

Chiropractic care is not a procedure, it is a process.

That said, you may have to visit the chiropractor multiple times a week at first in order to create momentum and change. When your condition is acute, visits could be daily. As your condition and function improve, the chiropractor will give you things to do at home, such as icing, stretches and strengthening exercises for compensating and supporting muscles. This will allow the chiropractor to see you less frequently.

Once you get better, and function has been restored to your spine, you may find it beneficial to receive period chiropractic check-ups and adjustments to help combat the daily stress your spine is under and to help prevent a relapse of your original condition.

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