Dr Clayton Roach would like to introduce you to HRM’s 1st FREE Complimentary Workplace Wellness Program, which consists of a series of health talks. Our purpose is to provide quality health education to your employees.

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Employees Gain Dynamic Energy After Experiencing One Of These Informative Workshops:

Healthy Living To 100

You can learn how people are living longer and with a better quality of life. During this workshop Dr. Clayton will apply the techniques he uses with his patients on improving quality of life and will apply them to the people like you. Learn how to live without any limits and work at your full potential. “Live Like You Mean It!”    This is Dr. ROACH’s favorite workshop.


Dr. Clayton is known as a headache specialist and enjoys teaching people how they can avoid having terrible headaches in a medicine-free environment instead of trying to cope with the wear and tear they put on your body. Even one headache a month will equate to almost two weeks of your life every year being lived in unnecessary pain. We have the solution to 90% of all headaches! We will decode your headaches,

classify them, and show home remedies you can implement right away!


Stress is also know as the “silent killer” and is the number one trigger to heart attack. Heart attacks kill more Canadians in Canada than any other disease. Learn how to avoid the initial start to a heart attack and heart disease overall with this all important lecture It creates a fun lunch and some excitement!


This workshop explains the proper methods of combining appropriate food groups for optimum digestion, maximum energy and also, if sensibly applied, will result in weight loss for those that need to shed some extra pounds. He also uncovers the secrets to fueling your immune system and eating to decrease your risk of cancer! This is a rare lecture in that we will actually show you how NOT to become a patient of any Doctor.

Women’s Health

Find out the most up to date research on women’s health. During this workshop learn how to improve the longevity and improve gender specific topics like thyroid problems. Dr. Clayton will show you natural ways to avoid hip fractures and osteoporosis, and all natural anti-aging remedies to use in your daily routine. Our gift at this information session will be techniques to help you look and feel younger!

Interesting Facts That Affect Your Employees Health And Your Company:

-Businesses that have instituted activity-based workplace wellness programs have enjoyed a $3-$5 return on every dollar invested in the form of decreased health care costs, decreased absenteeism, increased productivity, decreased employee turnover, and reduced insurance costs.

U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Reports

-80% of chronic pain sufferers are between the ages of 24 and 64.

American Institute of Stress

-Research shows that 60-90% of doctor visits are stress-related.

American Institute of Stress and Chrysalis Performance Strategies

-Health care expenditures are nearly 50% greater for workers reporting high levels of stress.

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

We Have Worked With An Extensive List Of Corporations And Groups Including:

Here Is What Some Had To Say About Our Program:

“…surprised to know what a chiropractor actually does and what they can do about healthy living.”

“Extremely useful!”
“I believe that the staff who attended will make a more conscious effort to live a healthier lifestyle.”