Remove Hip & Back Pain Fast

Dr. Clayton Roach: Here’s a phenomenal exercise for all of you who have limited hip mobility, whether it’s because of osteoarthritis or muscle problems, also groin pain. And eventually, if you have hip problems, you also have low back pain. So this could potentially help you as well. What you’re going to do is you’re going to stand up nice and tall on one knee, and you’re going to put your foot about this distance away. Next, grab a fairly heavy kettlebell or dumbbell. I’m using a dumbbell here and letting it hang just right before you. Next, externally, rotate the foot and lean into that side. Hold for five seconds and bring it back to neutral with the foot turned forward. Next, externally, spin again. Lean into that side. Five-second hold and repeat that five times. And I would do it on both sides. Do this regularly every day and see your hip mobility increase, inflammation goes away, and your pain also goes away.