Sciatica Disc Bulge

Dr. Ben Boudreau: The first cause of sciatic pain is a disc bulge or a disc herniation. And some of you have made maybe I’ve heard of this before or are suffering from it right now from an injury at work. What happens with disc herniation or a disc bulge? Is that fibrous cartilage between the vertebral bodies compressed, and when it becomes compressed, that’s when the jelly spews out the side, compresses your nerve and creates that symptom down the back of your leg, known as sciatica?

Dr. Clayton Roach: Yeah. So very simply put, if you had a Boston cream donut or a balloon that you push more on one side and the other, then it will start bulging to one side. And unfortunately or fortunately, we have nerves coming down our spines. So that bulge starts to put direct pressure on that nerve. So a disc bulge is one of the causes of sciatica.