Sciatica Pain: What Does Stenosis Look Like

Dr. Clayton Roach: The number two is stenosis. I don’t know how many of you know about stenosis. It’s the hole where the spinal cord goes through from the top down. It usually starts to get encroached by some arthritis. The bone begins to grow inside that hole, and suddenly that hole gets a little bit narrower. And now you’ve got the spinal cord that’s being impacted, and obviously, messages from the legs are going up there. So, if that’s choking in the spinal cord where there’s going to be the pain, it’s going to be in your legs; typically more senior people will get that stenosis.

Dr. Ben Boudreau: Absolutely. And so, you’d feel it more in your legs than you would in your back, even though the site of encroachment or the location of narrowing is in your back.