Secret Weapon for Menstrual Cramps

menstrual cramps

The monthly visit from Flo–don’t all women just love it? For many, the menstrual cycle is no big deal, comes and goes with little disruption and is mainly a non-event. For the rest, however, it can be a show stopper–seesawing emotions, bloating, cramps, lower back pain, and more than a couple of days of heavy bleeding. The emotional component (PMS) usually starts before the period, while the other symptoms (dysmenorrhoea) are experienced at the beginning and can last a few days. Regardless, one to two weeks of every month should not be this disruptive to life!

Medical doctors lean towards anti-inflammatory or analgesic medications to help ease the pain. And these do help. However, some can be damaging to the liver and stomach lining, cause drowsiness or have other undesirable side effects. There is a natural alternative to filling the body with medications–chiropractic.

How can chiropractic help with PMS, cramping and bloating?

Hormones, your spine and your nerves are connected and affect each other in this monthly process. Chiropractors focus on ensuring the sex organ/spinal column relationship is healthy and in proper working order. It’s typical that many women who suffer from common menstrual issues also have neck or back pain. The female sex organs need properly working nerves from the spine to function properly (sound familiar?).

As mentioned in previous articles, chiropractors work on correcting subluxations in the spine that interfere with the nervous system’s functions. When women have subluxations in the lower spine, blood supply and nerve messages can be disrupted. The uterus can spasm causing cramps. One adjustment method, the drop-table method, shows promising results for women suffering from menstrual cycle pain. The doctor uses pressure on the lower spine while the table “drops” a few inches, reducing back and abdominal pain.

Women understand that the menstrual cycle is a normal part of being a woman. What they don’t have to accept, though, is that it must be accompanied by debilitating pain. Talk to Dr. Roach and his team about options in treating monthly menstrual issues. Life does not have to stop one week out of every four.

(Chiropractic is not a treatment for gynecological problems that require internal procedures or surgery to correct. Instead it’s a solution for women who experience the common symptoms mentioned above, but are otherwise healthy.)

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