We have a professional and registered acupuncturist who focuses on the fundamentals of this thousand year old treatment and does a great deal of patient education.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through the patient’s skin at specific points on the body. It has numerous positive effects on the body and can help treat a wide variety of health problems.

Using acupuncture before and during surgery significantly reduces the level of pain and the amount of drugs needed by patients after the surgery is over.


The most common known benefit of acupuncture is the relief or reduction of pain. Studies have shown using acupuncture before and after surgery significantly reduces the level of pain.


Acupuncture aids in deep relaxation and sleep and can effectively treat conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, addictions, epilepsies, mental disorders and stress.


There is a calming and tranquilizing affect from acupuncture. Measureable changes in brain chemistry have been observed in medical studies.

Immune System

Acupuncture can strengthen the body against disease and improve your nervous system, which controls everything in the body.


Acupuncture helps local circulation; it also brings more oxygen to tissues to enable the body’s natural healing abilities.