Top 3 Ways to Improve Digestion

Between processed foods and fatty diets, sedentary lifestyles and stress, issues with digestion seem to be more prevalent these days. We accept occasional gas, constipation or diarrhea as a normal part of modern life. Honestly, though, we shouldn’t accept it as normal when many of the issues are preventable.

Basically, digestion is the process that moves food through the body, absorbing nutrients and vitamins, and discarding toxins. If the digestive system isn’t working properly, you don’t feel like yourself–tired, uncomfortable, cranky. The problem could be due to inflammation, a food allergy or just a slower-than-normal system. You might experience gas, bloating or a change in bowel movements. You may feel fine for a few days then the symptoms reappear and you “deal with it.” There are chronic problems that need a doctor’s attention and oversight like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s Disease. This post does not address those.

The first tip is no surprise: Change what and how you eat. More fiber. Cut the sugar. More water. Fewer fats and processed foods. Add probiotics. These dietary changes get the digestive system working as it should. Then change how you eat. Be relaxed and mindful (no eat and run, no television). Chew your food thoroughly. The smaller particles are easier to digest plus saliva tells the stomach to produce a helpful digestive enzyme.

The second tip, also not a surprise…exercise. Activity increases blood flow to your organs speeding up food’s journey through your intestines. Thirty minutes per day is the guideline; engage in activities that get your heart rate up. Added benefit? Weight loss, which is also good for digestion.

The final tip: Chiropractic care. Surprised? Consider this: Chiropractic care is known to reduce inflammation and help healing. It deals with the nervous system, ensuring its proper function. The spinal cord is the core of the nervous system so when there are misalignments, nervous system messages get interrupted. If the parts of the spine and nervous system that control digestion are misaligned, problems ensue.

Dr. Roach and his team can discuss digestive issues and treatment with you in a private and confidential setting. He will deal with the cause of many digestive issues (interrupted nervous system messages), and begin the adjustment process. You don’t have to accept digestive discomfort as the new normal.

This is what you need to do now. Click here and sign up for our free report called “The 10 Keys to Increase Energy and Weight Loss.” If you are ready to take action and seek the help of a chiropractor, give us a call and make your new patient appointment. I look forward to seeing you and creating immense value for you. To read up on more health and wellness tips follow our blog here.