3 Ways to Help Your Body While Gardening

Ahhh, the smell of earth, blooming flowers, and just-cut grass. It’s Spring–for many of us, that means it’s time to work in the garden. Your garden may be potted on a terrace or acres of trees, shrubs, and grass. Regardless of the size, the anticipation and excitement of “getting out there” can result in an aching body the next day. By following a few simple guidelines, you can reduce those next-day aches and pains and get the most of your time outdoors.

Importance of Pacing

Be reasonable in what you can accomplish, pace yourself, and take regular breaks. It may be the only weekend you are free but turning over one acre of ground, planting 10 shrubs, and trimming all the ivy on Saturday will most likely leave you hurting on Sunday. Instead, set smaller milestones for your large project and check in with your body throughout the day. Take hourly breaks to stretch, drink fluids, and eat. Skipping meals because they’re an interruption or forgetting to drink water (especially on a warmer day) could result in more serious ailments than sore knees and a backache.

Know how much you can safely carry and always use your knees to lift. Now is not the time to be a superhero and lift that 50lb bag of mulch. Use a wagon or wheelbarrow to move heavier items around the garden. To lift properly, squat down, hold the item close, and use your legs to stand up.

Use Proper Tools

Use the proper tools for the job and invest in “comfort” items to protect your back and knees. Bending and reaching from the waist can cause injury, from pulling a muscle to losing your balance and falling. When working at ground level, sit close to and move around the workspace to limit reaching, which puts a strain on the lower back.

Even if your knees don’t give you problems, invest in knee pads or a kneeler. Look for a kneeler that also functions as a bench and has handles to help you stand when you’re done.

If you’ve already been in the garden and are suffering the consequences, Dr. Roach and his team can help the sore places heal. Adjusting the spine and neck can get you back in the garden, ready to tackle the next milestone.

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