Big Pharma: What You Should Know

Like many today, you’ve probably seen an increase in the cost of your medical care whether it’s prescription drugs or co-pays. If you’re someone that takes daily medications for conditions like high blood pressure/cholesterol or asthma, your costs could be exceeding hundreds of dollars each month.

The facts is the pharmaceutical industry is a “for profit” one. Yes, it seeks to find cures for things like cancer or ways to ease symptoms of other diseases, but the main goal behind any drug is to generate profits for shareholders. Pharmaceutical companies are to be thanked for nearly all the drugs available to us these days, but they generated massive profits in the creation of such drugs. The justification for the profits is research and development (R&D) expenses and that approximately only three out of ten drugs ever make a profit with many more never making it to market at all.

Regardless of the reasons, you, the consumer, are left footing the bill. Recent publicity regarding the increase in costs of the EpiPen and new cancer drugs supports the theory that “the customer always pays.” The traditional healthcare model is pricing itself out of reach of the average person and “big pharma” is contributing to that.

It’s time for a more affordable approach to healthcare.

Research continues to show the cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care for treating issues such as neck and low back pain, allergies and sinus problems, and chronic conditions like asthma. Patients who receive regular chiropractic adjustments (and make simple lifestyle changes) can reduce the frequency of injury and illness, and recovery from an injury or illness is usually quicker without the need for expensive prescription drugs. Thankfully, more insurance plans see the value of prevention and are covering chiropractic care. Additionally, more medical doctors are referring patients to a chiropractor for pain and symptom relief.

If you suffer from a chronic condition that requires a prescription medication, have a minor injury or are considering seeing a medical doctor for something else, ask yourself if chiropractic can help. Chances are it can AND will save you money in the long run. (Please consult with your primary care physician before discontinuing any medications or starting a new treatment plan.)

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