Chiropractors Aren’t Real Doctors Myth

What myths surround chiropractic care? There are three frequent questions about chiropractic care.

Most Common Chiropractic Myth

One of the most common questions or statements chiropractors hear from the skeptics, yes, we know you are out there, is why would kids go to a chiropractor? Why would chiropractors need to see a newborn in a chiropractic office? The answer is simple. All kids, all human beings have a nervous system that requires a checkup. Just like parents get dentists to check their kid’s teeth for decay or misalignment, chiropractors check a child’s spine for decay and misalignment. Also, the birthing process is stressful for the baby and mom.

A newborn goes through the birth canal and that creates a lot of stress and pressure on the spinal cord and nervous system. Symptoms of a baby’s nervous system not functioning properly can be seen with health problems such as colic, frequent illness, difficulty with breastfeeding, and maybe, as children get older, headaches, or constant ear infections. Children on antibiotics from the day they were born is not normal and the reason chiropractors see newborns and kids is to check their nervous system and enhance their health regardless if there is pain or not.

Second Chiropractic Myth

The second myth is once someone goes to a chiropractor they have to go for the rest of their life. This would be of concern to people who have not been told what chiropractic is all about. Education is important with the health of any kind, for example, the side effects of prescription medications should concern people. Most people would not know that once someone goes on statin prescription drugs that there is no getting off of those drugs for the rest of your life. The reason people continue to see their chiropractor after the main complaint has been treated and they are out of their crisis is because of the noticeable benefits of chiropractic care and the importance of prevention. It is their choice not because they have to.

The patient has a choice to maintain their health. People experience stress on a regular basis whether it is sitting at an office for a whole day with bad posture, or the regular bending, sitting, and lifting we all do every day. The spine experiences stress all the time and if it is not maintained it will go back to its old position with poor posture, old muscle memory, and usually a relapse. People can choose to see a chiropractor only when they are experiencing pain but in terms of optimizing health, it is much more effective, quicker, and cheaper to maintain your health than to treat a crisis.

Last Chiropractic Myth

The last myth is people thinking or saying that chiropractors aren’t real doctors. What does that person mean when saying “real?” What they could mean is chiropractors are not medical doctors and that is true, chiropractors are not MD’s, they are DC’s. DC stands for doctor of chiropractic, which consists of a rigorous curriculum that lasts eight years. There are also regulatory boards that need to be completed to be able to practice chiropractic in Nova Scotia. Chiropractors are in fact doctors.

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