Common Knee Pain Explained.

Your knees are so important and essential to an active life! But when you have knee pain, even the most everyday movements–walking upstairs, bending down, or putting on a pair of pants–can be excruciating. If you experience knee pain, whether it be constant or occasional, you’re not alone. So what causes knee pain and how can you manage or get rid of it?

Common Knee Complaints

The most common complaint is osteoarthritis caused by the gradual degradation of the cartilage in the joint. Other common causes of pain are ligament injuries or a softening of the knee cap (runners, cyclists, and skiers are especially prone to this). Even stepping or twisting the leg wrong can cause temporary discomfort and swelling.

Many of us instantly think of heading to our primary care doctor or an orthopedic doctor for diagnosis and treatment. And while you should still do this, have you ever considered calling your chiropractor? How do you know if you should see your chiropractor for your knee pain? Consider the following questions.

  • Is knee pain limiting your everyday or athletic activities?
  • Is your knee pain accompanied by restricted motion?
  • Have you been taking pain medications or anti-inflammatories and told to rest with no improvement?
  • Have you been told you have arthritis and nothing can be done?
How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help

If most of your answers are yes, chiropractic might be the way to go. Since the knee is a joint and chiropractors deal with joints, it makes sense to include him or her in the treatment process. While chiropractic isn’t a cure, it can help manage the symptoms of knee pain and aid in healing.

The first thing your chiropractor will want to do is work on reducing the pain and joint inflammation by having you avoid activities that aggravate the knee and follow a schedule of heat or ice or both to reduce inflammation. During an adjustment, manipulations and massage will help the joint function properly by increasing flexibility.

Don’t live with knee pain any longer than you have to. Consult with your chiropractor to understand your treatment options and get one step closer to reducing or eliminating your knee pain.

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