Makeup: Why It Should Come Off

If you wear makeup–any kind of makeup–chances are you’ve gone the lazy route now and then and not washed your face before bed. No judgment, as we’ve all been there. While the smudges of color left on your sheets aren’t usually permanent, the damage to your skin could be.

Once in a great while is not the end of the world, every night though, not such a good idea. So, what really happens when foundation, eye-shadow, and mascara aren’t washed off before hitting the sack?

Foundation: Guess what? It’s the worst. That and any oil-based concealer or primers are going to clog your pores and make your skin look dull. There’s no getting away from it. And those nasty free radicals encountered during the day? Well, they stay on your skin because the makeup makes them stick. This means healthy collagen breaks down and fine lines develop. Clogged pores mean acne. Given how everyone wants to look young as long as possible, wearing foundation to bed is not the best anti-aging strategy.

Another thing about wrinkles: In addition to free radicals, the skin has to deal with environmental stress like wind, sun, pollution, cold. Not washing your face prevents your skin from recovering and this can lead to lines and aging.

Mascara and eyeliner: Eye irritation and infections are the concern here. Your pillow could be rubbing the mascara, eye-shadow, and eyeliner into your eyes, causing irritation and redness. Fancy glitter stuck to your eyeball? Not taking off eye makeup can also clog the hair follicles and glands around your eyelids. Clogs equal bacteria which leads to small bumps (those tiny white bumps along the lash line that look like pimples). Brittle and breaking eyelashes are also a result of leaving mascara on through the night.

The easy remedy to these problems is to just do it–wash your face every night. Get rid of the free radicals, pollution, and chemicals on your face and around your eyes. If it’s “one of those nights” and you can barely make it to your bed much less wash your face, keep some makeup removal cloths next to the bed. Do some quick swipes to get as much off as possible–a little is better than nothing at all.

You only get one skin–treat it right.

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