Importance of Vitamin D to the Spine

Vitamin D is one of the important nutrients necessary to maintain optimal health. Many people associate the generation of this specific vitamin in the body with sunlight. However, what many people may not correlate with is the relationship between vitamin D and bone health. This relationship can make produce healthy, strong bones.

Vitamin D Importance

Vitamin D reinforces good bone health, creating strong and resilient bones. The spine is arguably the most important bone structure in the body. Taking Vitamin D can go a long way towards good spinal health and reducing aches and pains. The reason that Vitamin D reinforces good bone health is that it helps the body to absorb calcium. As Vitamin D aids the body in getting more of it, bones grow stronger. Additionally, it should be noted that Vitamin D also contributes to lower occurrences of certain cancers, reinforcing the value of this nutrient in the body.

This is important to spinal health because the stronger the spine, the more it is able to withstand. Humans are almost constantly positioning the body in unnatural ways and this can result in discomfort and sometimes even pain. By reinforcing the spine with all the calcium it needs, it is able to deal with the strain. Vitamin D is a shepherd of this process, which is why it is just as important as the calcium itself.

Get Vitamin D Naturally

Many people try to get Vitamin D naturally, through sunlight. However, it is also found in certain foods – including fatty fish (like salmon), beef liver, cheese, and egg yolks – as well as in supplement form for those that have more of a deficiency than others. It is important to know your current levels of Vitamin D and work with a chiropractor before embarking on a regimen to ensure that it is beneficial to your spinal health, and your general well-being. Factors can be different based on diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices, so it’s always best to consult with a chiropractic professional so that any course of action is one that benefits you.

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