What I Wish People Knew About Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for a woman, filled with joy and anticipation. The planning, nurturing, and shopping…then the amazement when she feels the baby move for the first time. Many women feel wonderful for most of their pregnancies. Others, while they still experience excitement and anticipation, find pregnancy very uncomfortable. The disruption caused by hormonal changes and morning sickness accompanied by a wild ride of emotions is disconcerting. Then there are the food cravings at weird hours of the day or a sudden dislike of favourite foods (to the point of nausea at the slightest smell).

Body Changes During Pregnancy

As the baby develops, the woman’s body changes, of course, with the most obvious change being a growing belly. This abdomen expansion often comes with an alteration in spinal and pelvic alignment. This misalignment can become more uncomfortable as the baby grows, causing lower back pain and contributing to longer labour.

Another issue that can affect labour is a baby that’s a breach. During the baby’s development, it gets turned around so that the feet enter the birth canal first. This isn’t anything to be afraid of but both mother and baby will have an easier time in labour by turning the baby before birth.

How Chiropractic Treatment Helps

Where does chiropractic fit into all of this? First, chiropractic is beneficial from the moment a woman learns she is pregnant. An aligned pelvis and spine can help in avoiding some of the discomfort associated with pregnancy. An aligned pelvis helps the muscles stay loose, which allows the nerves to function without interference.

Second, if the baby is breech, the chiropractor can help turn the baby to the proper position using the Webster Technique. For more information about this method, the article found at http://icpa4kids.com/about/webster_technique.htm explains how it works. The article is technical; however, if your chiropractor can summarize the key points for you.

Pregnancy and/or a breech baby are significant reasons to continue (or start!) chiropractic care. An aligned spine and pelvis will contribute to the best possible birthing experience for mother and baby. Our own Dr. Pellerine is Webster Technique Certified!

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