Can Chiropractic Increase Athletic Performance?

Most of us are familiar with Sidney Crosby and his success story and what some people don’t know is the attention he brought to the chiropractic profession after suffering from concussions.

It is not uncommon for sports teams to have trainers, physiotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors on staff. Some players even pay out of their own pocket to fly their health care team to games if it is not offered by the sports team. So, what is the value of chiropractic to these athletes? What was the value to Sidney Crosby, who was suffering from a concussion, which is not a typical injury most would associate with chiropractic care?

  1. Athletic Performance

Bodies take on stress and impacts no matter the sport. When the vertebrae of the spine are not moving well (stuck) it can often start a chain reaction of irritated nerves, causing irritated muscles. As a result, athletic performance would suffer and the athlete would have pain. This can be detrimental when some winners are determined by a millisecond or millimetre difference in their sport.

  1. Chiropractic is Versatile

Whether you are a high-impact or low-impact athlete chiropractic is beneficial. Chiropractic deals with the body’s function. By maintaining the health of the nerves that control every system of the body athletes can notice an increase of range of motion and flexibility, improved performance, and injury prevention. Chiropractic also treats many different conditions from headaches to shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, ankle injuries and so much more.

  1. Non-Evasive Treatment

Chiropractic is safe. Many studies have shown that athletes can recover from injuries using chiropractic and avoiding medication and surgery. Roach Chiropractic Centre offers a variety of treatment options such as Active Release Technique, cranial adjustments and Theralase Laser Therapy.

Studies have been done to show the effects of chiropractic on the athlete performance. In Chiropractic Sports Medicine, “A Canadian research team included chiropractic care in the rehabilitation program of sixteen injured female long distance runners. Not only did these runners recover quickly, seven of them actually scored ‘personal best’ performances while under chiropractic care.”

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