Does Chiropractic Treatment Hurt?

If you are a chiropractic patient it is not uncommon to be asked questions by friends and family. “Does the cracking bother you?” “Does it hurt?” These are two of the most common questions and it is important to ask questions. Know the facts, especially when it comes down to your body. So today, we will discuss the two most common questions.

What is the cracking noise?

The first question relates to the “cracking” noise and that when a person receives an adjustment. They are getting their spine “cracked.” The noise is not bones breaking or rubbing. It is actually gas that’s being released from the joints that are being moved. Just like your knuckles make noise when you move them. Chiropractors gently mobilize vertebrae. Using what’s called a chiropractic adjustment and when they do that patients hear a little click. When receiving a neck adjustment the noise of gas escaping between the joints is a little louder because it is closer to the ears. It does not take long to get accustomed to the noise and it does not hurt.

Does it Hurt?

This brings us to the second question that most people ask, does it hurt? One thing to be aware of is people of all ages get treated by a chiropractor, from newborn babies to the other spectrum, where the elderly get adjusted. Not many parents would like to see their child in pain and bring their babies to a chiropractor if it caused pain. The same would apply to older patients who deal with pain on a daily basis and seek chiropractors for relief from that pain. What chiropractors do is modify the technique for the person on the chiropractic table. Different techniques are used on a newborn compared to that of an athlete or a senior or a middle-aged parent.

The only time that a chiropractic adjustment can be a little more sensitive or tender is when a patient has muscles and joints that are so rigid and tight that any amount of pressure is going to create discomfort. It can be compared to going to the gym or exercising when you haven’t exercised in a while and the next morning you wake up and you’re a little stiff.

Hopefully, this helps explain chiropractic a little better so you can more easily share your experience.

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