Do You Have A Dowager’s Hump?

Most of us have been told to sit up straight and stop slouching not really knowing why, other than it was more aesthetically pleasing to see someone sit up straight and look confident.  So, why is posture important? What effect does our posture have on our health?

At Roach Chiropractic Centre posture is one of the first things we assess during the initial visit. Proper posture involves sitting, standing or walking with the normal curves in the spine, squared shoulders and the neck in alignment with the spine. The ears should be in line with the shoulders. Unfortunately, due to what most of us do for a living and the increase use of technology, our heads tend to be forward, moving away from the shoulders. This is called forward head posture and is one of the main causes of headaches.

Why is this important? Having too much curve in your spine or not enough curve can lead to vertebrae in your spine not moving well. Other vertebrae try to compensate and work too hard. This leads to arthritis and degeneration from lack of mobility of the vertebrae in your spine.

Some of you may have noticed a hump on the back of your neck or on some of your family members. This ball of inflammation is not genetic, as many people believe, but posture related. It is often preventable and leads to arthritis and is called a dowager’s hump. Regular chiropractic visits can decrease inflammation and bring mobility back to that area.

Another common postural problem is the sway back. There is too much outward curve in the upper back (kyphosis) and too much inward curve (lordosis) in the lower back. This is problematic because it creates more pressure on the spine and leads to neck and back pain.

It is important to realize that you cannot change your posture on your own. It is structurally altered and your body will tire quickly when trying to hold good posture. You may notice you have great posture in the morning while sitting at your desk but by lunch time your head has moved more forward and the shoulders have begun to be more rounded.

Regular exercise can strengthen the core and help avoid slouching and a properly fitting chair and desk can help maintain your posture throughout the day, however it just is not enough to make the changes your body needs. Chiropractic care plays a significant role in this process.

At Roach Chiropractic Centre we specialize in a form of chiropractic care called structural care. This way we can fix what your body looks like on the inside so we change how you look on the outside, improve your body’s functions and decrease your pain.  

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