Sneaky Ways to Eat Healthy

Fruit and vegetables–it can be an all-out war at mealtime with kids and sometimes adults! You cook healthy dishes for the family and the children end up pushing them around their plates. The last thing you want to do is cook multiple meals for all the picky palates. But, you worry they aren’t getting enough of the nutrients they need and are going to bed hungry every night. There’s no need to argue, coax, or bargain when it comes to getting kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. Instead, learn how to integrate these things into the foods they already eat and enjoy. This can also come in handy with our own food preferences when trying to get in those daily servings.

There are numerous ways that incorporate fruit and vegetables into just about every kid-friendly dish there is so we can all sneak in those foods. Out of sight, out of mind!


It is so easy to get more vegetables into a meal without anyone seeing it. Adding ingredients like sweet potato to mac and cheese and butternut squash to Mexican chicken can help the whole family eat more nutritiously. Adding leafy greens like spinach and kale to smoothies is a great way to hide the evidence of nutrition! Do not force children to eat certain foods. It will come. Often children dislike the taste of something for years then one day ask to try it and all is changed.

Bento Box

A great option for incorporating variety in a meal is a bento box! You can have fun with the nutritious snacks as well as find new lunch ideas while trying to avoid sandwiches. Some ideas are cheese and tomatoes skewers, deconstructed salads, banana, and peanut butter wrap roll-ups, shrimp and rice and so much more. All you need to do is type “bento boxes” in Google and you will get endless ideas on how to mix it up.

It may take some creativity and cunningness on your part, but it is possible to ensure your family gets the nutrition they need without the fight, headache, or boredom we all suffer through with food and mealtime.

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